August 16, 2019

Alex Bradley Cohen

Humboldt Park

Here it begins:

Memory is tricky, But
great experiences are made through extraordinary events.
And this event, my time in the park with leslie
that she made an opening for, cultivated by her
unrehearsed by me
took form as organically in plain site
as the drawings we made
while we took site and plein aired our site
the location was intimate and open
we had visitors both Woman, Child, Animal, Insect
that flew for us, and told us what we were doing was beautiful and took our photo
it was a moment where connections and differences were made and noted
where seeds for imaginative projections were made
an archaic event, two humans in greenery, trying to make sense of their own relationship, to an external world through image making
showing each other what they saw, how they see, seeing who got it right, and whose window directed us forward
oh it was a memory all right, one that stuck

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